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Jetski Insurance

Jet skis are the most interesting pleasure crafts on the water regarding maneuverability, acceleration and leisure time fun. If you can call such a water "motorcycle" your own, it is important to have a good insurance for a long time of fun on water.

Due to the compactness and speed of jet skis miscalculated waves, for example, can quickly lead to accidents.

We, the EIS European Insurance & Services GmbH, have recognized the trend towards this new pleasure craft as one of the first water sports insurances and offer an insurance package exactly adapted to these vessels.

With our BASIC-cover adapted to jet skis you will enjoy an insurance cover up to a distance of 12 seamiles from the coast or from the mother ship. The insurance cover for theft can be included according to technical preconditions and, if so, even be excluded from the deductible.

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Details of the BASIC-cover for Jetskis and Jet boats

Co-insured in the liability insurance is as follows:

  • The personal legal liability of the skipper and other people authorized to operate the vehicle;
  • The legal liability of the persons insured from a damage at a wracked boat caused by an aid measure e. g. a rope connection, provided that they are asked to provide assistance for a boat in distress;
  • The legal liability for pecuniary damage from claims which occurred during the effective insurance period;
  • The legal liability of the person insured for direct or indirect consequences of changes of the physical, chemical or biological nature of a stretch of water including groundwater (water pollution).

Facts of the comprehensive insurance:

  • Insurance covers yacht / boat including machinery, equipment, inventory, dinghies, attachments and personal effects;
  • Insurance cover is valid on water and on land, including the landing and launching;
  • Insurance coverage for transports by road and for the boat trailered by ferry;
  • Risks covered: collision, grounding, stranding, sinking, fire, explosion, theft, vandalism, acts of God, lightning strike, if so, theft;
  • Including insurance cover for trailers in the case of fire, explosion, theft as well as total loss due to an accident of force majeure;
  • Expenses for salvaging, salvage attempts and, if so, waste disposal up to the amount of the sum insured (in addition to the sum insured);
  • Expenses of the policyholder for the prevention and reduction of a damage up to a limit of 20% of the sum insured;
  • In the case of a total damage: replacement of the time value (time value insurance);
  • In the case of a partial damage: acquisition of 100 % of the repair costs, aquisition of transport cost to the shipyard and the way back;
  • Elimination of the deductible in case of theft (if included) if the boat or outboard motor are equipped with a GPS / GSM transponder

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