< Hurrikan Irma – zahlreiche Yachten vollständig zerstört
22.09.2017 11:21 Age: 85 days

Hurricane Irma – numerous yachts completely destroyed

The most important for concerned yachts is a fast claims regulation. If the yacht is moreover used commercially for charter also charter losses causing the company sustainable damage additionally arise to the personal loss.

EIS – European Insurance & Services GmbH – always keeps an eye on the strong weather so that we can keep our clients sailing all over the world informed.

Especially Hurricane “Irma” recently haunting one of the most beautiful sailing areas the Caribbean had our complete attention. In forecasts about wind force and expected route we had already prepared ourselves for non-avoidable claims and also informed our policy holders who had been sailing with up to 200 yachts in this sea area about the upcoming risk and we further arranged evacuation to a large extend. As became apparent this was a good decision. Only 11 yachts/catamarans have fallen victim.

Even three days after Hurricane “Irma” nearly completely destroyed Barbuda and Saint-Martin our staff had been available on-site to assist our clients in claim reports and to ensure a fast claim regulation.

In spite, already when arriving on the isles disastrous effects could be seen whose are fortunately, a relatively seldom occurrence. During first discussions with our clients including several charter bases it appeared that many yachts were no longer identifiable as such. Broken masts were the smallest issue.  Ships sank, yachts smashed into pieces at sheet piles in actually safe harbors or yachts even hurled on land make our colleagues clear which massive destructions the storm caused a few days ago.

Immediately the damage assessment has started. Despite of all the preparations made the first expectations lead to about 3 million Euros damage.

Should you also be concerned please issue a near-term claim report (claim@eis-insurance.com, Tel (24h): +49 (0)30 214082-20) so that we can record also your claim possibly directly on-site and can provide a fast claim regulation.

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